Team Sandpeak


The best, most awesomely trained, incredibly talented, and professional team you will ever meet…

Only the best agents in our area earn our endorsement… why? Because YOU deserve THE BEST.

How do our agents make the cut? Here’s how:

  • SandPeak agents have been licensed, trained, and made experts in the field of real estate, valuation, marketing, and negotiations… This isn’t some side gig.
  • SandPeak agents are top performing agents in their respective communities and have a track record of success.
  • SandPeak agents follow our teachings and principles. They participate in coaching, mentoring, strategic planning, and educational seminars so they are better prepared to help- and to give you the FIVE-STAR service you deserve!
  • SandPeak agents are top-notch because our brokerage holds them accountable.