At SandPeak, We put the agents first and make it simple. Real Simple.

Most companies focus on Business-Service Training for their agents- using existing systems and procedures to manage existing business (i.e. listed properties and contracted properties). 

At SandPeak Realty, our focus is on Business-Generation Training for our agents- We teach our agents how to EXPAND their reach and bring in new clients. 

We believe in coaching our agents to be highly productive and increase their net-revenue.


Stuck, Stressed, or Burned Out?

Relax! We have your back. our focus is on YOU, the agent, and helping you grow your business to how and where you want it. We know that our agents are the best customers we have- and it shows! Our team loves sharing their stories about their "Why" with SandPeak- and it makes us feel more like family than a business... Come discover your WHY with Sandpeak...